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Product Descriptions

Metal Prints:
Fractal images printed on high-gloss aluminum present colors and patterns with vibrant detail enabling a clearer and more discerning appreciation of the essence of the image. 

The printing process infuses dyes directly into the high-gloss aluminum, thereby creating an incredible luminescent effect and image clarity. The Metal Prints have an ultra-hard protective coating making them easy to clean. Dirt and scuffs can be buffed off with a microfiber cloth.

The Metal Prints have rounded edges and come ready to hang.  They literally pop off the wall adding more energy to their presentation in that the hanging systems provide a ¾” offset from the wall.  They come with an inset frame with nail groove track for easy hanging.


Acrylic Prints:
Fractal images are printed directly onto the acrylic material resulting in prints that are incredibly sharp and clear enabling a perceptive and more discriminating appreciation of the image.  The acrylic material is clear and graded for digital printing with a 1/5” thickness. The print includes a white UV flood coat for image protection and smooth polished edges. 

The Acrylic Prints are ready to hang.  They come with an inset frame with nail groove pre-installed on the back.  These prints literally pop off the wall adding more energy to their presentation in that the hanging systems provide a ¾” offset from the wall.  

These prints are easy to clean. Dirt and scuffs can be buffed off with a microfiber cloth.

Framed Prints:
Beautiful, framed prints are equipped with ready to hang hardware for easy mounting. The photo is printed on 300gsm, Satin Luster, acid-free photo paper using 12-ink set of colors. To keep your print beautiful for years to come it is protected with a Plexiglas panel in front of the image (not glass). With your choice of 3 available frame colors you can match the décor of any room in your home or office space: White, Black, or Walnut. Sizes available in 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20. 

Traditionally-Stretched Canvas Wraps: 
Designed to stay taut and flat, our canvas prints are museum-grade and light in weight. The canvas is stretched and mounted on a high-density wood fiberboard 1.5” thick frame. Your canvas will come with a hard-sealed finished backing to keep dust out and your walls protected. Created with pigment-based inkjet printing and OBA-free will ensure that you receive a high-quality print that you can be proud of. And best of all, your print comes with hardware and is ready to hang.

Posters:  The posters are printed on high-quality, fade resistant matte paper which provides the best quality image at an affordable price.  The posters will be beautiful, vivid color reproductions with exceptional sharpness and unsurpassed color stability.  Laminating the posters is not recommend so as to allow the poster’s beauty to shine through. Posters are shipped in a tube.



  •  The Infinite Art of Janet ParkeIn addition to displaying and selling her artwork, she has an extensive section on the process and technologies of creating fractal art.
  • SMASHING MAGAZINE: "In the realm of digital art, so many wonderful and playful genres exist that stimulate the imagination, but so few do it with the intricate style of fractal art. " This article shows 35 examples. 
    For the interested reader - compare these to Janet Parke and mine.
  • Fractals in Nature: Cosmos Magazine: This article provides beautiful images of fractals in nature.
  • The Fractal Foundation: Their Mission-

    "We use the beauty of fractals to inspire interest in science, math and art."


  • Haiku Genre Journals Online & Print"This haiku genre journal links site includes English-language journal websites, blogs and print-only publishers. The sites feature one or more of the main haiku genres: haiku, haibun, haiga, and tanka. The links do not include publishers' or authors' websites that produce/show print collections. Journals come and go, but most of these links are relatively long-lived. Regrets if a link no longer takes you to the journal which would indicate that it has either stopped publishing or has changed its webpage address. Clicking on a link will take you to a new window with the journal's homepage while holding this page on your browser. "
  • The Haiku Foundation: "Our mission is to archive our first century of English-language haiku; to expand possibilities for our second; and to seek active exchange with other haiku languages and cultures around the world."
  • Tanka Society of America: "Tanka poetry has a history of more than 1,300 years in Japan and 100 years in English. Originally written in the Japanese Imperial court, when it was known as waka, tanka has grown to be a worldwide genre of poetry written in English on a variety of topics, usually in five lines. Join fellow members of the Tanka Society of America, founded in 2000, in discovering, sharing, studying, preserving, and appreciating this vibrant genre of English-language poetry."
  • Modern HaikuAn Independent Journal of Haiku and Haiku Studies
  • Prune Juice:  Prune Juice is a journal of contemporary senryu, kyoka and haiga published exclusively online, three times a year.
  • Daily Haiga:  An online journal presenting the best of English language haiga—an artistically meaningful digital or scanned image integrated with haiku or related poetic forms. Haiga will be published daily.